2018 is a year of progress and opportunity, and IMQS is ready for the challenge! Read further to find out about IMQS’s new innovative projects geared towards adding real value to the global infrastructure asset management domain.


IMQS builds software solutions for the infrastructure asset management domain.

As a software company, we employ bright minds to craft fit-for-purpose products for municipal entities that, through the power of geographic information systems (GIS), have enabled engineers, project managers, financial planners and technicians to overcome everyday challenges in their work.

The severe drought in the Western Cape again displays the important role our municipalities play in safeguarding our natural resources, ensuring the management of public infrastructure and managing current / future risk. It also showcases the value of engineering information systems and infrastructure asset management practices.

The South African municipal landscape is fraught with uncertainty and challenges. From financial irregularities and political infighting, to climate change and population growth, municipal workers have to make difficult decisions in constricting environments. This uncertainty does not only affect our public servants and citizens, but IMQS’s business terrain.

That said, in uncertain times one must also seek out opportunity. Challenges demand change, in thinking and in action.

In 2018, IMQS is looking forward to a year of great possibility and opportunity. We have taken stock and are redefining our business model to steer this ship towards an innovation-focused future.

We have done this with one goal in mind, to offer better value to our existing and potential customers.


Our business terrain is changing rapidly.

On the one hand, the evolution of technology is forcing software companies to redefine themselves in the greater paradigm shift loosely referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. On the other hand, the infrastructure management domain is suffering its own challenges due to the ever-shifting political landscape that impacts public infrastructure management.

IMQS 3.0 refers to the next generation of IMQS where there will be a major shift from simple volume generation solutions to using our talent and technologies to assemble niche complex, legacy type solutions.

At the end of 2017, IMQS took stock of its existing modes of operation and business. Our management team was at pains to evaluate our processes and models in the context of the products we build and the products we want to build. Rather than building products that we sell we want to focus on general products / solutions that clients will need.

In order to achieve this IMQS will leverage its Internet of Things strategy, its GIS visualisation capabilities, as well as data management systems to build the IMQS Platform. This advanced asset management software platform will support bringing our existing products and services to maturity and making them available as a platform.

Along with our advanced asset management platform, IMQS will be ring-fencing funds for innovation projects that include “Road Assessment Through Machine Learning”, "Hydraulic Modeling in the Cloud” as well as building a “Command and Control Centre for Stellenbosch Municipality”. In the case of the Command and Control Centre, multiple platforms – e.g. safety and security and emergency services - integrate into one control room via the movement and control of data.

The IMQS Platform brings value to both our business and our clients. It offers the possibility to offer our engineering and asset management software to a broader geographic audience specifically in the developing world– e.g. South East Asia and Latin America - via our website. The website will also act as a portal for sales and offer the opportunity for reselling IMQS products.


The above scenario, however, rests on the back of digging deep and getting the work done.

After we tidy-up and complete our current product commitments, implementation of the IMQS Platform rests on introspection, allocation and ring fencing of funds, the elimination of technical debt and the reconfiguration of business as usual.

2018 is a year of progress and opportunity and IMQS is ready for the challenge!