Pipe Replacement Prioritisation

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In the context of pipe replacement, it is important to know which pipes in a system have the highest risk of failure.

To better prioritise pipe replacement, accurate information on the current condition of the asset needs to be combined with risk factors, such as the likelihood, frequency and consequence of asset failure. The replacement of high-risk pipes needs to be prioritised based on these risk factors to better allocate limited funds to the most critical pipes that need replacement.

The IMQS Pipe Replacement Prioritisation (PRP) module is a web-based application that offers concise reporting on the results of risk analyses done on each pipe in a network. A geographically linked pipe-replacement prioritisation list can easily be generated and made available to relevant stakeholders on a user-friendly, geographically linked and cloud-based interface. The list, which includes replacement cost totals, enables users to make informed decisions regarding the allocation of funds and resources for water and sewer pipe replacement.

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11902 km

Distance of water pipes assessed & managed
for a single municipality

43534 km

Combined distance of all water pipes assessed & managed
- enough to build a single water pipe around the globe!


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