Water Demand Management

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The IMQS Water Demand Management Module is a web-based application that leverages important engineering and treasury data to offer a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of municipal water infrastructure use, demand and consumption.

The module centralises and presents data acquired from experienced engineering partners GLS Consulting. GLS develops technology and processes for performing optimised modelling and master planning of water distribution and sewer reticulation systems. To accurately report on water balance, GLS uses the direct link between models and billing, as well as data from bulk water meters. Calculations are done on a citywide and zone basis. The geographic models and dynamic master plans make available the data necessary to inform water conservation and demand management interventions, as well as future planning. GLS’s patented SWIFT software serves to load hydraulic models with real world demands and convert water sales to water consumption data by analysing billing information. This information is then fed to IMQS where it is centralised and geographically presented for users to acquire information that informs strategic and financial planning.

The IMQS Water Demand Management Module is a comprehensive solution to achieving greater success in water demand management. It integrates and centralises engineering and financial data for better decision-making and planning across all municipal departments involved.

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11902 km

Distance of water pipes assessed & managed
for a single municipality

43534 km

Combined distance of all water pipes assessed & managed
- enough to build a single water pipe around the globe!


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