Who We Are

IMQS is a specialised software solutions company. We have provided proven Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM) Solutions & Services to over 100 government and private organisations in South Africa and Internationally for more than a decade.


One of the primary objectives of governments and private organisations responsible for vast infrastructure networks is to maximise the value from capital and operational expenditure and minimise costs relating to the infrastructure. Many government and private organisations face challenges with the ability to collect, reference, filter, manipulate and deliver the right reporting data to the right roles at the right time.


IMQS offers a modular set of solutions to address various problems that Infrastructure Asset Management presents. Our software products can operate independently, in combination with each other or as part of an integrated solution with one of our expert partner companies' services.

Our modules address a variety of infrastructure types, and can be categorised as follow:


The solutions developed and offered by IMQS have always been in careful consultation with engineers and experts in their field. This ensures that what is delivered to our clients is practical, relevant and effective.

IMQS has a proven track record of delivering tangible value in the following ways:

Increase the value derived from your investment in infrastructure assets
The execution of cost-effective lifecycle management strategies
Contributes towards continuous improvement in asset management practices
Capture, view and manage valuation and financial asset data
Provides essential data for effective risk management
Caters for incident management and demand forecasting
Graphically represent asset management information
Incorporates GIS capabilities
Compliant with legislative and standards requirements including GRAP/ GAMAP / PAS55
Provides a holistic and integrated view of asset management data across multiple IAM

classifications (Roads, Water, and Solid Waste etc.).


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