Agile Methodology

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Agile Software Development refers to a group of software development methodologies that promotes development iterations, open collaboration, and process adaptability throughout the life-cycle of the project.

It chooses to do things in small increments, with minimal planning, rather than plan at length. This helps to minimize the overall risk, and allows the project to adapt to changes more quickly. There is also an emphasis on stakeholder involvement. Meaning: At the end of each iteration, the stakeholder is consulted about the product and feedback is integrated.

At IMQS, Agile is not just a software development framework. It is a framework used in many areas of our business. It is about eliminating bureaucracy, improving profitability and visibility.

IMQS successfully implemented Agile (Scrum) in early 2012 and never looked back since. It was clear back then that we needed a framework to support our complex business domain, promote collaboration and being able to adapt to the rapid client requirement changes. The key to the implementation of any framework or methodology is the buy-in from the entire business.Agile is truly aligned with our sought-after culture and is embraced by every employee.


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