Containerisation Strategy

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Current software platforms are constrained by having multiple infrastructure and technology stacks to maintain. This leads to fragile and complex deployment processes, with many interdependencies, which are hard to replicate, test and support.

At IMQs we deploy containerisation - a.k.a operating-system-level virtualisation - to overcome challenges and ensure robust deployment environments. Containerisation is a lightweight approach to virtualisation that only provides the bare minimum that an application requires to run and function as intended. In a way, containers can be considered to be super minimalist virtual machines.

Docker is the company driving the container movement and the preferred containerised platform at IMQS Software. The technology has seen adoption in some key enterprises and recognition from large software vendors, including Microsoft and Google. Docker provides an agnostic operating system that is robust and lightweight to maintain. Containers are secure, ensure better quality software, and enhance deployment and QA processes.

Download our Technical Paper below for more information on Docker and IMQS's containerisation approach.


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