IMQS Web Version 8

IMQS Web (version 8) is a web application hosted on a central server and accessed by any device that has a compatible browser. To host this setup the below IT requirements need to be met. Please download detailed document below.

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Version 6: IT Systems Requirements

IMQS version 6 is a desktop run application, installed per user, with additional services that need to be hosted on a centrally accessed server. Basic server hosted services include:

  • IMQS installation files (network share)
  • Updates folders (network share)
  • Aerial photos folder (network share)
Additional server hosted services may include (dependent on IMQS modules purchased):
  • MS SQL (Asset Register, Document Manager)
  • PostgreSQL (Project Control System (PCS), Electricity Editor)
Based on the above a lists of IT requirements to host IMQS can be downloaded below.

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Moveable Asset Verification Hardware Requirements

This document lists the Android IMQS Asset Verification hardware (tablet) requirements. Please download the document below for detailed specifications.

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