IMQS has proudly partnered up with the US-based global manufacturing and supply-chain management giant Jabil to offer integrated software solutions for the holistic management of passive infrastructure assets in untapped African markets.

In 2016, after acquiring the South African energy solutions provider and system integrator Inala, Jabil is expanding its presence in the rapidly growing market for remote location energy solutions in Africa. [View Article]

Since around 2000, Mobile Network Operators and Tower Companies working in the African mobile telecoms context have displayed a growing need for remote location and distributed energy solutions to prevent interruptions of their services during potential power outages. Moreover, there is an increasing demand for technologically sophisticated, holistic and integrated solutions for managing passive infrastructure assets as well as generating and consolidating reliable data. Sound business intelligence is a key variable in managing risk, facilitating informed decision-making, decreasing OPEX and encouraging investor confidence from the bottom up.

IMQS is excited to announce its role in building a more efficient and data-driven approach to passive infrastructure asset management through its new partnership agreement with Jabil Inala. Our proven integrated Infrastructure Asset Management and Project Control Systems software solutions will be aimed at maximising CAPEX and OPEX while minimising costs related to the management of infrastructure assets across their whole lifecycle. The partnership will benefit from a close working relationship with the UK-based hardware manufacturing company Telemisis. Telemisis brings its specialised expertise in the design, manufacture, installation and support of advanced remote monitoring control systems to the table. A key foreseen added value from IMQS’ side is the prospect of generating and analysing big swathes of data in order to develop a business intelligence suite for our users.

This partnership provides IMQS with the opportunity to expand its own operations further across international borders and to work closely with global leaders in industry. More importantly, it stands as a testament of IMQS’s culture of innovation and recognition of its proven track record in offering effective and efficient Asset Management Solutions and Services.